Christopher Young


Christopher is the founder and lead guitarist of Overture.  After graduating from Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood California he assembled the original lineup that would go on to record their debut and follow up albums.

Michael Goldsmith


Michael was a seasoned vocalist on the L.A. music scene when Overture discovered him singing in the band Gunner.  They quickly recruited his talents to form the nucleus of what would become the classic Overture lineup.

Diego Palma


Diego is the keyboardist for the band Lord Divine.  He appears as a guest performer on the Edit Evolution (2020) and Allegiance (2024) albums.  From ethereal piano passages to thunderous synth solos, Diego seamlessly weaves his magic into Overture’s sonic tapestry.

Jonas Schütz


Jonas appears as guest drummer for Overture on the Edit Evolution (2020) and follow up Allegiance (2024) albums.  He is the drummer for the Heavy Metal powerhouse band SACROSANCT based out of Germany.  Jonas is the heartbeat behind Overture’s melodic metal symphonies, unleashes a tempest of power and precision

Peter DeReyna


Peter is the guest bassist on Overture's Edit Evolution (2020) and follow up ALLEGIANCE (2024) albums.  Peter is the bassist for the legendary Power Metal band SevenSpires.  His bass playing anchors the foundation of Overtures thunderous sound.